Quick & Easy Starlight Inception Free Download

^^Starlight Inception Preview^^
Hi, welcome to this very quick page where I ceated an easy to use place to download the latest new version of Starlight Inception!
Above you get the options to watch somebodyies honest option of the game from YouTube in hopes that is will give you a clear understanding about how starlight inception is played/. 

Below the picture is also a description + under that are instruction of how to easily get the software so you can get what you most likely came HERE for.
-Quick Description-
Starlight Inception is based 100 years into the future when world war IV begins. You get to work joining the United Star Force where you fight to protect Earth and to do what it takes to protect its freedom.

Starlight Inception... luckily, likes to update this game with many new versions quite often and because of that I will really try to keep up with them and also update the links here as time progresses.

-Free Download Steps-
1. Click on a download option below.
2. Go through the Download Manager
3. Open up the file & extract it.
4. Install the game.

Direct Download- Download
* This option is fast but occasionally has problems installing the game
Locked Download- Download
* This option is more secure and will almost always work flawlessly

(Since this install displays offers while installing, sometimes an AV thinks that the install is dangerous. You can be sure that it's tested and safe. Also, occasionally chrome blocks the direct download in which case use the alternate link or a open with a different browser)